Inspired by Obama?

November 16, 2008

I read this article by Matthew Bigg from Reuters, and it started the wheels turning a little. I started to think about what people are expecting in an Obama Presidency. The article seems to support the theory that “If Barack Obama made it, so can you.”
Okay, so this is what I think. If many of the lives of inner city youth don’t change much or even get worse under a President Obama, they may become more bitter, and angry and may be more inclined to blame others for their misfortune.  Well you can’t just sit around and wait for something to happen to you. If you do then that something might not be so good. Then if some lives are indeed changed under an Obama Presidency, he will be looked upon as a great inspiration, and for good reason. He can be a great inspiration, but the rest of it has to be up to the individual. These success stories will place Obama on a pedestal so high even my become higher that Martin Luther King.
Then there will be those that succeed in spite of an Obama Presidency. These people will look to themselves and others and finally obtain the measure of success they desired. These will be those self made people that will succeed no matter who is in office. They will understand what the true meaning of the American Spirit means. That ANYONE with the drive and ambition and spirit to succeed often do no matter their circumstances. It’s my hope that more of these successful people arise. These are the people that make up the bulk of Americas success stories.