I am a middle aged, Christian, Texas, Conservative, Father of a son who is the United States Navy, and a very bright and talented young girl who wants to pursue a career in photography or art. I am a news and political discussion junkie. Any opportunity that presents itself to catch up on the days headlines is seized upon.

I haven’t always been a conservative, I once had the notion that, many people that served the public deserved to have their cost of living absorbed by the public. Teachers, firefighters, police, military, etc., needed to have anything they needed to survive, paid for by taxes. Thankfully, my mother persisted in correcting the error of my thinking.

Although I didn’t vote for Ronald Reagan, I consider myself now to be a Reagan conservative. I believe in the free market system, the ability in people to rise to adversity and challenges and meet them head on and persevere, I believe that government in many cases is the problem and not the solution. The last administration really let me down, but I have faith that someday, somewhere a true conservative leader will emerge once again; God willing.


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