My Thoughts On The Auto Makers Bailout Request.

My feeling is that the US government should NOT bailout the Big 3 automakers; if they do it will only postpone the inevitable. The UAW union is not going to give any concessions, so if the automakers go bankrupt it will partly be their fault. The unions of this country I feel have lived past their usefulness. They gave us the 8 hour work day, they gave us decent wages for a day’s work, they gave us breaks during the day, they gave us power in the decisions the employer makes; however, they are going to go overboard by sticking to trying to keep pensions, higher wages, and the like. The unions are adding costs to the autos that foreign car makers don’t have to. Higher priced cars tend to turn off some people. The unions better rethink their posture, 80% of something is better than 100% of nothing.


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